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Join my session#PO460 at SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference 2015 @ Orlando FL

Join this session to learn how Johnson and Johnson leveraged the SAP Enterprise Portal to create an enjoyable, modern, personalized, and multi-channel aggregation point based on the SAP portal platform.

Session Code:PO460 / Room Number: S310E

May 6th 2015 02:30 p.m. – 03:30 p.m.

Aravind ith Glass

Run SAP Transactions on Google Glass

I recently started exploring the google glass .  I have deployed my first google glass application with help of Unwired Inc. The Application is intended to use at shop floor for Inventory transaction such as stock overview and stock location movement.

Google glass gaining interest in young explorers . I recently privileged to teach about Google Glass at my office to some of my colleagues kids. They loved to see such a small device connected to internet and do amazing things like browse internet, play games, do math, explore sky etc…

Here is my son Jishnue putting his hands dirty on google glass


Join me at SAP d-Code Las Vegas Oct 20-24, 2014.

Join me at SAP d-Code Las Vegas Oct 20-24, 2014.

UXP205 Learn How Johnson and Johnson Redesigned its Global SAP Enterprise Portal Lecture (1hr)

Join this session to learn how Johnson and Johnson leveraged the SAP Enterprise Portal to create an enjoyable, modern, personalized, and multi-channel aggregation point based on the SAP portal platform.

The TOP 12 Hottest SAP Notes Every Web Dynpro Java Developer Must Know

All listed SAP Notes are valid for NW04 and NW04s.

Category SAP Note Description
Problem Reporting 742674 Required information for web dynpro problem reporting
You want to report a web dynpro problem. To help us working on the reported problem, please provide the following information.
962319 Detailed error messages with stack trace in Web Dynpro
The error messages raised by Web Dynpro for Java, part of SAP NetWeaver, don’t have the required level of detail.
Compatibility 718949 Web Dynpro Application Compatibility WebAS SPx -> SPx+n
Will applications developed and run under a specific NetWeaver release and service pack SPx (e.g. SP8) run under SPx+n (e.g. SP9 or SP10) engines and vice versa?
HTML Client 991449 Web Dynpro and Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 7.0
Web Dynpro applications are not displayed in the browser version of Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0, Exception is “Sorry, your browser/program is not supported by Web Dynpro!”
Solution: Microsoft IE 7 browser version will be supported starting with support packages NetWeaver04 SPS19 and NetWeaver04s SP10. If an earlier version of Web Dynpro is used, there are two possibilities to enable IE7 for Web Dynpro.
706938 Popup Blocker Enabled: Memory usage grows – Backend connections keep alive
Web Dynpro Applications do not terminate when the browser is closed or navigation to other applications/pages is triggered. Thus memory usage grows as well as backend connections and thus database locks keep open until http session timeout occurs (preconfigured to 30 min). Solution: Please deactivate the popup blocker for those URLs that point to the SAP Web Application Servers and/or the Enterprise Portal.
Controller Coding 928485 Do not use internal APIs (java.lang.NoSuchMethodError)
java.lang.NoSuchMethodError and due to the improper use of internal API other errors, side effects, program failure. See also Never Ever Hijack Internal Web Dynpro Classes and Interfaces …
Deployment 784677 Deployment destroys other DC
Deployment of a Web Dynpro DC destroys another (previously deployed) DC. The thrown exception is “Cannot find repository information for …” or other effects indicating that some data is missing (or is superfluous) in the Web Dynpro Runtime Repository.
Reason: A qualified name (for a class, Web Dynpro Application, Web Dynpro Component) must be used only in one DC. The DC concept provides assigning packages uniquely to a DC for reaching this goal. However, the DC tools do not enforce this restriction. If a Web Dynpro Component (or Application) with the same qualified name is contained in more than one DC then deploying one of the DCs destroys the meta data in the runtime repository of the other DC.

NOTE: Beginning with SAP NetWeaver 04s SP Stack 11 the deployment manager will check the existance of the same package in an already deployed DC during deployment. In case such a package collision is detected the DC deployment is aborted. This check will not be provided within SAP NetWeaver 04.

Adaptive RFC Model 947376 Troubleshooting JCo and AdaptiveRFC in Web Dynpro for Java
Problems when using JCo connections and AdaptiveRFC in SAP Web Dynpro for Java, part of SAP NetWeaver.

  1. When using JCo connections to the backend some sessions in the backend stay alive though they are not refered to anymore.
  2. Test of JCo connection in Web Dynpro Content Administrator fails
  3. SSO ticket is expired when accessing backend systems via JCo connections
859950 Inconsistent Metadata with AdaptiveRFC

  1. DataAccessException: Type conversion error, field …
  2. Metadata Destination does not point to the same system as the Data Destination
  3. Displayed Type information (such as label texts or field lengths) are not consistent with the types information of the underlying ABAP backend system
  4. Metadata is not invalidated without J2EE Engine restart

NOTE: SAP is currently investigating a possible workaround to explicitly invalidate the Adaptive RFC Dictionary Cache within a non-productive, i.e. development or test environment, without mandatory restart of the SAP NetWeaver Application Server. This explicit invalidation could either be based on some workaround coding or on an additional administrative function “Invalidate Adaptive RFC Dictionary Cache” within the Web Dynpro console. SAP Note 859950 and this WebLog will be updated as soon as this workaround is implemented.

Session Management 842635 Session Management for Web Dynpro Applications

  1. Web Dynpro session unknown
  2. Exception “SessionExpiredLongJumpException”
  3. Problems with Web Dynpro session management
  4. Error message like, Session unknown, Request with URI={0} was sent to unknown session,, Application session has expired
  5. Error message like Session expiration, Request with URI=<…> was sent to expired session, Destruction reason=<…>
842878 Switch on traces for Web Dynpro session management in NW04
In case of problems in Web Dynpro session management (e.g. an application instance isn’t terminated as expected, unexpected session expired messages), switch on the tracing of the Web Dynpro runtime.
Internationalization 947081 Locales, languages, date and time formats in Web Dynpro

  1. A wrong language or locale is used after you logged on to the system?
  2. Calendar dates are formatted in an unintended way?
  3. Language change in the portal (through portal personalization) does not get immediately reflected in the Web Dynpro iViews?
Business Graphics 704604 Business Graphics and/or Geo Maps are not displayed
Business graphics and/or GeoMaps are not displayed in Web Dynpro. Solution: Maintain the default of URL of the IGS.

SAP HTML5 Designer – An SAP Add-On for any SAP NetWeaver 7.x platform


Just released another HTML5 Desiner for ABAP environement. Worth of looking in to it.


Webdynpro Development Mode

How to deal with Portal Run time error(s) in Production

Hi All,

Often end users see run time error pages in portal with 500 internal server message and large amount log trace displayed to them. It doesn’t make any sense for end user stand point to show all these trace.

Now the question is what are the options we have are and how to customize the standard error pages with custom.

First thing you need to do is disable java-webdynpro development mode in Production Portal

Webdynpro Development Mode

Webdynpro Development Mode

Secondly create custom meaningful error message pages to endusers.


UI development toolkit for HTML5 (SAPUI5) Beta Version Available

Long waiting UI development toolkit for HTML5 (SAPUI5) is available now for download. Get dirty your hands on this new UI technology for SAP which is going to rooled next generation

SAPUI5 Beta Download

SAPUI5 SDK Documentation’

Podcast on SAPUI5!/user/4440992/episode_010_sap_s_ui_toolkit_aka_sapui5


SAP NetWeaver Portal on Device. How it can be done ?

Please go through below SDN Wiki & blogs to explore more information in this area

Code Exchange:

SAP App Store:




Portal on Device – why it makes so much sense

Capability Mobile Web App Native App
Performance of Code Execution Medium Fast
Performance of UI Rendering Fast (hardware accelerated) Fast 
Multi-threading Yes (by HTML5 Web Workers) Yes
Full-duplex communication between Browser and web Server Yes (by WebSocket) Yes
Direct P2P Communication Not yet (pending on support for ConnectionPeer API) Yes
Cross-domain server access Yes (by Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) Yes
Geolocation Yes (by Geolocation API) Yes
Accelerometer Yes (by DeviceOrientation API) Yes
Gyroscope Yes (by DeviceOrientation API) Yes
Compass Yes (by DeviceOrientation API) Yes
Image Processing – Pixel manipulation & interaction Yes (by HTML5 Canvas) Yes
Image Processing – Vector Graphics Yes (by SVG) Yes
3D Graphics Limited (pending on support for WebGL) Yes
Offline execution Yes (via HTML5 Offline Web Applications) Yes
Local storage and Database Yes (by Web Storage and Web SQL Database /Indexed Database API. Size limitation per domain applies, e.g. on Mobile Safari: 5MB for Web Storage and 50MB for Web SQL DB) Yes
Local File Access Limited (supported on Android via File API) Yes
Contacts No Yes
Audio and Video Yes (by HTML5 Video and Audio) Yes
Camera and Microphone Supported on Android (by HTML Media Capture API). Yes
Media Recording and Streaming Media Not yet (pending on support for Stream API). Yes
Push Notification (when web page is open) Yes (by Server-Sent Events) Yes
Push Notification (when web page is closed) Not yet (pending on support for Web Notifications API) Yes