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Aravind ith Glass

Run SAP Transactions on Google Glass

I recently started exploring the google glass .  I have deployed my first google glass application with help of Unwired Inc. The Application is intended to use at shop floor for Inventory transaction such as stock overview and stock location movement.

Google glass gaining interest in young explorers . I recently privileged to teach about Google Glass at my office to some of my colleagues kids. They loved to see such a small device connected to internet and do amazing things like browse internet, play games, do math, explore sky etc…

Here is my son Jishnue putting his hands dirty on google glass


Join me at SAP d-Code Las Vegas Oct 20-24, 2014.

Join me at SAP d-Code Las Vegas Oct 20-24, 2014.

UXP205 Learn How Johnson and Johnson Redesigned its Global SAP Enterprise Portal Lecture (1hr)

Join this session to learn how Johnson and Johnson leveraged the SAP Enterprise Portal to create an enjoyable, modern, personalized, and multi-channel aggregation point based on the SAP portal platform.

SAP HTML5 Designer – An SAP Add-On for any SAP NetWeaver 7.x platform


Just released another HTML5 Desiner for ABAP environement. Worth of looking in to it.


UI development toolkit for HTML5 (SAPUI5) Beta Version Available

Long waiting UI development toolkit for HTML5 (SAPUI5) is available now for download. Get dirty your hands on this new UI technology for SAP which is going to rooled next generation

SAPUI5 Beta Download

SAPUI5 SDK Documentation’

Podcast on SAPUI5!/user/4440992/episode_010_sap_s_ui_toolkit_aka_sapui5


SAP NetWeaver Portal on Device. How it can be done ?

Please go through below SDN Wiki & blogs to explore more information in this area

Code Exchange:

SAP App Store:




Portal on Device – why it makes so much sense

Capability Mobile Web App Native App
Performance of Code Execution Medium Fast
Performance of UI Rendering Fast (hardware accelerated) Fast 
Multi-threading Yes (by HTML5 Web Workers) Yes
Full-duplex communication between Browser and web Server Yes (by WebSocket) Yes
Direct P2P Communication Not yet (pending on support for ConnectionPeer API) Yes
Cross-domain server access Yes (by Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) Yes
Geolocation Yes (by Geolocation API) Yes
Accelerometer Yes (by DeviceOrientation API) Yes
Gyroscope Yes (by DeviceOrientation API) Yes
Compass Yes (by DeviceOrientation API) Yes
Image Processing – Pixel manipulation & interaction Yes (by HTML5 Canvas) Yes
Image Processing – Vector Graphics Yes (by SVG) Yes
3D Graphics Limited (pending on support for WebGL) Yes
Offline execution Yes (via HTML5 Offline Web Applications) Yes
Local storage and Database Yes (by Web Storage and Web SQL Database /Indexed Database API. Size limitation per domain applies, e.g. on Mobile Safari: 5MB for Web Storage and 50MB for Web SQL DB) Yes
Local File Access Limited (supported on Android via File API) Yes
Contacts No Yes
Audio and Video Yes (by HTML5 Video and Audio) Yes
Camera and Microphone Supported on Android (by HTML Media Capture API). Yes
Media Recording and Streaming Media Not yet (pending on support for Stream API). Yes
Push Notification (when web page is open) Yes (by Server-Sent Events) Yes
Push Notification (when web page is closed) Not yet (pending on support for Web Notifications API) Yes


How to avoid portal server restart when ever any change to BAPI in Java Webdynpro Application


We more freqently encounter the situation where if we have to reimport the webdynpro model because of the changes in BAPI and NWDS prompts for server restart. This required restart in production portal if you are moving code. Below is the article which talks abot Webdynpro Adoptive RFC Cache Validation.

Webdynpro Adoptive RFC Cache Validation