Capability Mobile Web App Native App
Performance of Code Execution Medium Fast
Performance of UI Rendering Fast (hardware accelerated) Fast 
Multi-threading Yes (by HTML5 Web Workers) Yes
Full-duplex communication between Browser and web Server Yes (by WebSocket) Yes
Direct P2P Communication Not yet (pending on support for ConnectionPeer API) Yes
Cross-domain server access Yes (by Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) Yes
Geolocation Yes (by Geolocation API) Yes
Accelerometer Yes (by DeviceOrientation API) Yes
Gyroscope Yes (by DeviceOrientation API) Yes
Compass Yes (by DeviceOrientation API) Yes
Image Processing – Pixel manipulation & interaction Yes (by HTML5 Canvas) Yes
Image Processing – Vector Graphics Yes (by SVG) Yes
3D Graphics Limited (pending on support for WebGL) Yes
Offline execution Yes (via HTML5 Offline Web Applications) Yes
Local storage and Database Yes (by Web Storage and Web SQL Database /Indexed Database API. Size limitation per domain applies, e.g. on Mobile Safari: 5MB for Web Storage and 50MB for Web SQL DB) Yes
Local File Access Limited (supported on Android via File API) Yes
Contacts No Yes
Audio and Video Yes (by HTML5 Video and Audio) Yes
Camera and Microphone Supported on Android (by HTML Media Capture API). Yes
Media Recording and Streaming Media Not yet (pending on support for Stream API). Yes
Push Notification (when web page is open) Yes (by Server-Sent Events) Yes
Push Notification (when web page is closed) Not yet (pending on support for Web Notifications API) Yes